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"Two Brothers' Poop"

Josh G. and his wife Katie live on their new horse farm near Salt Lake City, Utah along with their two sons, Andrew and Isaack, ages 12 and 14 (at the time of this posting). In April 2020, Josh purchased an O2Compost Benchmark Training Program to manage the manure generated by five horses, and he sized their four bins to accommodate pairs of 4' x 5' dumpster lids. Three of the bins are aerated and used for active composting and the fourth is non-aerated and used for curing and long-term storage.

As part of their chores around the farm, Andrew and Isaack much out the horse stalls and oversee the composting process. The first year that they were operating the system, they held onto the compost for several months and developed a sizable inventory.

One day in early 2022, the boys asked their Mom what she planned to do with all of the compost and Katie suggested selling it to the neighbors. She posted a note on Instagram and the word quickly spread.

Using the farm's Kubota (with a 1/3 cubic yard dump bed), the brothers went into business delivering and spreading the compost in their neighbors' garden beds. They charged $40 / load and in only three weeks, they had each earned $400. The compost was so well liked that the neighbors vyed for it this spring, and one of the neighbors has offered to buy all of it.

And so was born "Two Brothers' Poop". You might say they are entre-manures! 

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