Food Processing Compost

Every food product that we purchase at the grocery store or the farmers’ market has a by-product associated with it.  For example, wine that is made from grapes has a by-product that is termed “grape pomace”, which consists of grape skins, seeds and stems.  Many years ago, O2Compost was involved with a project in California’s Napa Valley where over 100,000 tons of grape pomace was successfully composted each year using the aerated static pile method. 

The volume of food processing by-products can be staggering. Other examples include field crop culls (potatoes, tomatoes, corn, soy beans, etc.), fish (whole mortalities and trimmings), poultry offal (guts & feathers) and paunch manure (remnant feed from cows stomachs). All of these materials are considered highly putrescible and susceptible to causing significant odor impacts to neighboring communities. As such these feedstocks require deliberate and timely processing at the composting facility. ASP Composting is particularly well suited to these types of materials.

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