Third-Party Reviews

As an extension to operator training, O2Compost is also available to conduct a detailed third‐party review of existing compost facilities. A third‐party review includes: observing day‐to‐day operations; evaluating the method of composting and the suitability of operating equipment; reviewing records, laboratory data, operating plans and other permit documents; and recommending ways to improve overall system efficiency and operator training.

A third-party review includes three steps:

  1. The owner / operator is asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about the facility and provide selected documents for our review (operations plan, laboratory test data, marketing plan, etc.).

  2. Two days on-site to: observe on-going operations; conduct a detailed "site inspection"; and talk with the facility operations manager and selected staff. This site visit can also be combined with staff training in the science and art of static pile composting (see Pilot Project page).

  3. Submittal of a "Report Card" within one week following the site visit. The report would include detailed comments on ways to improve process efficiency, operator safety and profitability.

An O2Compost third-party review prepares the facility for its next regulatory inspection and reveals potential problem areas that should be addressed before the regulators step foot on site.

After conducting a third-party review, one of our clients said, "When we completed our first review with O2Compost, we saw an immediate ten-fold return on our investment. We have now budgeted this as an annual event and I have every confidence that it is money well spent."