Mink Farm Composting

Many years ago, O2Compost was invited to visit a mink farm in Western Canada and provide assistance in settling up an ASP Compost System to manage the manure generated by 50,000 mink. In visiting this farm, we realized that very few people give any thought to exotic forms of organic by-products, such as mink manure and mink carcasses. As it turns out, mink generate a considerable amount of very high nitrogen waste over a six-month period - this is how often the area beneath the pens is cleaned out.

Mink farming is very much an industry and is representative of many other such industries that are scattered in the back woods of nearly every community. While these types of farms are "out of sight - out of mind", the types of waste they generate can pose a very real problem to the environment, neighbors, and to the animals themselves.

As with other forms of organic by-products, mink waste composting using an O2Compost System proved to be the perfect solution.