Compost Consulting Services

O2Compost staff has over 50 years of compost consulting experience in the combined fields of civil and environmental engineering. This includes 35 years specifically devoted to the composting industry. O2Compost, as a business, consists of two hemispheres - one side that encompasses our various training programs (O2 Systems), and the other consisting of a broad range of consulting services. Each of the consulting services that we offer is itemized in the list to the left, and further discussed by clicking on the respective title.

Consulting projects are unique to the specific needs of our clients and can range from short-term assignments to long-term working partnerships. If you have a project that you feel may need consulting assistance, please contact us to schedule a free, one-hour telephone call so that we can get acquainted and determine whether we can be of assistance. If you would then like a formal proposal, we would be happy to prepare one that includes a description of the project, a detailed scope of services, a not-to exceed budget, and a schedule for completion.

In addition to serving as "Prime Consultant", we are often invited to assist as a sub-consultant for waste management projects that involve more than just composting. We consider it one of our strengths to work as a project team member, beginning with proposal writing and consultant selection interviews to final report preparation and client presentations. If you represent a design consulting firm, please consider O2Compost as your "in-house" compost expert.

Banner Photo Description:  Aerated bay compost system under construction in 2013. O2Compost provided consulting services to the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency in Syracuse, New York between 2009 and 2012. The project included a large scale pilot project and ended with design assistance for a full-scale system to process yard debris along with pre- and post-consumer food waste.