O2 History

Prior to starting O2Compost, Peter Moon worked for 16 years as a licensed civil engineer in Washington State. Peter’s consulting career evolved over the years starting with community-based construction projects followed by landfill permitting, design and construction, and then ultimately large-scale municipal recycling and compost facilities. As a Senior Project Manager, he represented E&A Environmental Consultants on projects involving yard waste and biosolids composting throughout Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. 

Peter founded O2Compost in 1996 with a primary focus on designing on‐farm compost systems to help manage manure from livestock operations and zoos. Over the years, the same composting principles were applied to all varieties of organic wastes including landscaping debris, biosolids, and food waste (industrial, commercial and post‐consumer).  To date, O2Compost has completed over 1,500 compost facility projects with systems located throughout the United States, Canada, and 26 additional foreign countries ranging from China to New Zealand to Israel.