Cornerstone Composting Systems


The Cornerstone composting system is a permanently constructed O2Compost system that allows for design modification to fit the owner’s specific needs and preferences. The Cornerstone is ideally suited for projects that involve a third-party on the project team: equine architect; design-build engineer; board of directors; and grant funding agencies.

With the Cornerstone compost system, we begin by selecting a design from the O2Compost design library and then make selected design modifications (4 hours of design time are budgeted for this work). O2Compost can generally deliver a complete set of Cornerstone drawings in a week to 10 days. We will also work with your local planning department to ensure that your design meets all of your local design codes for both wind load and snow load.

To learn more about the Cornerstone compost system, view our Product & Service Guide.

To see examples of completed Cornerstone composting systems, visit our Past Projects page.