Paragon Compost Systems


The Paragon compost system is a kit structure that has been designed in cooperation with Barn Pros, a specialty supplier of high quality wood barns and residential farm structures.   The Paragon is ideally suited for the person who is constructing a Barn Pros barn, as it will match the aesthetics of the barn itself.  It is also well suited to the composter who prefers to receive a complete materials package instead of purchasing the building materials separately.

The designs for an appropriate Paragon compost system have already been completed – we will help you select the system that best fits your needs. The photo above shows a 3-bin, top-down Paragon compost system that complements the aesthetic of the barn behind it.

The Paragon composting system is purchased through Barn Pros and includes all of the features offered by O2Compost, as described in the introduction of this O2 Systems section.

To learn more about the Paragon compost system, view our Product & Service Guide.

To see examples of completed Paragon systems, visit our Past Projects page.