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Wilson Training and Bloodstock

Sorrento, FL

Mickey B.'s property tenant (Wilson Training and Bloodstock) has 40-45 Arabian horses on site. The high cost of manure removal, the unsightly dumpster, and the environmental impact on the property prompted Mickey to install an O2Compost Aerated Bay system.

"We have been so impressed with our O2Compost system on many levels. There are no flies and no smell. Peter is always available for questions. We use the compost as mulch soil amendment (even around the house plantings), erosion control in sandy areas, and on the pastures. The system is easy to use and is saving us a ton of money since we no longer have to pay to haul the manure off the property. As a bonus, I feel great about the positive environmental effects in not wasting this valuable resource in a landfill; creating healthier pastures for our horses, and creating pastures that absorb more carbon dioxide as compared to non-composted pastures. It is truly a win-win."